How can I Commission Your Faux Bois?

You can email me or call me, and we’ll discuss your needs, ideas, and questions

Design sketch

Faux Bois Bench with twisted vines among trees

Completed commission

• Location (public park, lake house, garden room, front porch?)

• Type of faux bois (bench, table and chairs, lighting sconce, garden arch or trellis?)

• Use (High-traffic public area, resting place to enjoy afternoon tea?)

• Size

• Design preference (organic driftwood, vines, branches, planks)

• Color preference (type of wood, wood tone)

• Time frame

We’ll also talk about costs and your budget. I am confident I can create an elegant, unique and lasting concrete faux bois piece to fit any reasonable budget.

If you desire to own a unique piece of faux bois sculpture, I’ll create a sketch or two and once you approve a final design,

I’ll create your piece. The size and scope of the project will determine how many weeks it will take to complete. I truly look forward to the journey of commissioning a piece of artwork that reects your unique needs and personality.