What Inspires You?

Love of Nature

I have always been inspired by nature and fascinated with trees and the story they tell with their peeling bark, twisting vines and the bends of their windswept branches.

Faux Bois Furniture in live oak park

Creating Unique Faux Bois Art

Just as actual wood has an echo of a tree’s energy, I believe that when artists are passionate about their work, their creative energy is infused into their sculptures.

I fell in love with gardening and wanted something inspiring, not mass-produced, to express the unique features of each garden whether large or small.

Faux Bois Table
Faux Bois Planter

A Strong Belief that Fine Art can also be Functional

One of my faux bois benches recently received an Award of Excellence in an international art exhibition. Each of my pieces is created to be a unique sculpture that offers a serene embrace of nature in any setting. These sculptures also happen to be interactive, whether you’re in a tranquility garden having your morning coffee, playing with your grand-children and pets or hosting a garden party.

Interest in Old World Craftsmanship

While studying sculpture in Florence, Italy, I fell in love with the idea of “old world” craftsmanship, where artists dedicate themselves to achieving personal mastery of a medium.With that mindset, quality, beauty, and personal artistic achievement is the goal, not mass production using substandard materials and minimal effort.

This faux bois bench makes an excellent heirloom to last for generations.
Faux Bois Table

I’m inspired by early faux bois artisans, but hope to contribute something new to this art form.I want to create a body of work with my own unique design aesthetic and point of view: Nature, infused with an aura of joyful mystery that verges on the spiritual.

Faux Bois bench in luxury garden