Handmade concrete faux bois

Mastering this classic art form demands everything and, in return, offers me a glimpse into a mystical world.

~ Diane Husson

Crepe Myrtle Faux Bois Table

Who Are You?

I’ve been a full-time sculptor for 20 years. I began with clay, and my relief murals and wall sculptures are found in hundreds of homes and as public art for hospitals and cities. I’ve completed projects for individuals and businesses, including one of the largest retailers in the world. Images of my sculptural work have been nationally published in books, magazines and newspapers. 

Several years ago when advances in concrete technology made my deepest artistic dreams possible, I switched from sculpting clay to concrete. Now I am one of a very few artisans in the world dedicated to a full-time practice of creating high-end, custom concrete faux bois garden table, bench, and furniture.

Diane Husson, sitting with faux bois bench and furniture